Thursday, 10 December 2015

Witch Balls

Witch balls are fascinating things, They are so beautiful, and made out of glass. Witch balls could be quite large or be quite small. Or they are shiny, painted, filled with items or clear. Basically I could stare at one for hours...

I took this picture in my garden with a completely empty ball, it's beautiful just on its own. Isn't it just mesmerising? All those colours! And it's just glass!

That is precisely what their creation is for.. to draw in and entrap. Folklore has it that evil was so enchanted by these shiny round spheres that once they were drawn towards them they would never leave, therefore entrapping them inside protecting whoever they were meant to harm.

Witch balls or friendship balls  as they are also called today are an ancient way of either entrapping or reflecting back whatever it is you want or don't want.  They first made their appearance in the 13th century in Venice. They were hand made by skilled craftsmen by hand blowing these beautiful spheres, as many are still made like that today. They became a permanent feature in many European gardens and homes because of their beauty.

Traditionally these balls were hung by porches, doorways and windows to protect the house and home from any witches spells, and to ward of evil and ill fortune.

The glass itself is made from a perfect balance of the elements, it comes from the earth, then made by fire, blown to shape by air and is clear like water. A perfect combination, and as its a perfect circle it represents infinity, with no beginning and no end, the perfect entrapment or prison for any evil spirits as there is no way back out. These balls were made to be mirrored, so as to attract or deflect accordingly. They are traditionally filled with herbs, spices talismans, evil eye, twisted bits of string etc. you could really fill them up with whatever your intent is to attract or deflect.

To make your own witch ball you can either recycle an old glass ornament, by scraping off the paint and decorating it yourself. Add the herbs, or items you want for your specific intent, seal it with wax, add your charms, and while doing so you must visualise what it is you want during its creation.

Remember to always create these on a waxing - full moon phase.

Here are a few herbs and their intents:

Protection herbs:
Angelica, Asafoetida, balm of Gilead, Boneset, Cypress, Dill, Garlic, Fennel, foxglove,  Hyssop, Rosemary, St-johns-wort, Valerian, Vervain, 
Protection crystals/stones/minerals: 
Jet, Onyx, smokey quartz.

by all means this isn't an extensive list but here a few for you to start with
You can use any combination of these herbs/stones/colours to your choosing, or any other items you wish.. as longas you focus your intent when doing so. 

Blessings to you all

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