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Whispers On The Wind With Some Dandelion Magick

Its that time of year again, when you know spring has sprung!

Dandelions are back in season, and I am so excited (sad I know) but there is so much that you can do with this little gem.

One morning collecting from my garden - Dandelion flowers

Many avid gardeners are constantly trying to eradicate them, I actually welcome them into my home, and have kept a patch where I just let things grow wild in my garden. If I get a random dandelion grow where I don't want it to, I just dig it up and use the whole thing.

Parts used:

yup thats right the whole damn thing! Isn't that wonderful!!

One mornings harvest

Some things you can make with dandelions is salve, tea, coffee, honey, soap, jelly, salad, pesto and the list keeps going... oh and one more,WINE LOL yup I said it WINE!!! Who's with me on this one :)

Its so versatile I just don't understand why people try (but fail) to eradicate this wonderful healing medicinal plant.

OK back to the wine..

I am going to share my recipe with you
This recipe makes approx 3 x 70cl bottles

You will need:
1 Unwaxed orange
1 Unwaxed lemon
3 litres in volume of fresh young dandelion flowers,washed and dried.
4.5 litres of water
1.25kg granulated sugar
one sachet 7g of wine yeast

Peel the fruit, removing as much of the pith as possible, and put the peel with the dandelion flowers into the centre of a square of muslin. Tie the end of the parcel with string and boil the water for about 15-20 mins.

Remove the bag, squeeze it over the pan and discard. Then add the sugar to the boiling liquid. when the sugar has dissolved, pour the liquid into a large plastic food grade container and add the juice of the fruit. once the liquid has cooled to blood temperature, add the yeast.

Leave, covered, for 3 days in a warm place to allow the fermentation process to start. then siphon into a demijohn, being careful not to disturb any sediment at the bottom.put an airlock in the neck of the demijohn jar, and leave in a warm dark place. Once the bubbles have stopped popping up in the fermentation lock, siphon the wine into sterilised bottles, and cork. Leave to mature for about a year if you can bear it... thats the hardest part for me...

How to make a healing salve:
You will need
1 glass jar
1 glass bowl
containers for the finished salve
2 cups olive oil
1/4 cup beeswax or soywax for vegan version
vitamin e oil
dandelion flowers
essential oil a few drops (optional)

To start you will need to fill your glass jar about two thirds with dandelion flowers then add your olive oil. Dandelion flowers contain a lot of moisture so remember to thoroughly wash and dry them for a couple of days before using or your oil may grow mould and go rancid.

 Close the lid and place in a dark cupboard for 6-8 weeks, Remember to give your jar a shake every few days to thoroughly infuse the dandelions with the oils. You can speedup this process if you wish by gently heating the oil by placing your sealed jar in a crockpot full of warm water set on low, Leave on a low heat for a couple of hours then set aside to cool. I don't prefer this last method as I am not keen with heat, as it can destroy some of the healing qualities, so I leave mine in a dark cupboard for 6-8 weeks.

Now once your oil has been infused strain the plant matter out and compost. Now you have this golden liquid, add your beeswax and oil into a glass bowl, and gently heat to melt the beeswax. Once the beeswax has melted into the oil, allow the liquid to cool to blood temp. Then add your vitamin E oil and essential oil of choice. Pour into containers and allow to set. Once cool you can use your salve. This makes an excellent gift for those with hard working hands, like gardeners, DIYers, mechanics, or even if you suffer from cracked skin.

If you don't want to make it, why not purchase yours from my shop here

Medicinally, Dandelion helps to clear obstructions and is good for the liver, spleen, gall bladder and kidneys. It relieves fluid retention and premenstrual tension, detoxifies the system and encourages circulation. 

The Dandelion plant contains a wealth of vitamins, including A, C, D and B-complex. It also has high levels of minerals like magnesium, zinc potassium, iron and calcium.

Magickally Dandelion promotes psychic awareness, carrying thoughts between lovers. It is commonly used in country love divination to answer questions concerning a lover’s fidelity and intentions.

For Divination, wishes and calling spirits. drink dandelion tea or coffee to promote psychic powers. Leave a cup of this hot infusion by the bed to call spirits.

'Whispers on the wind' love magick, when the dandelion has gone to seed pick your flower make a wish, or send a message to your loved one, and blow. 

Ruled by Jupiter
Gender, masculine
Element, Air

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