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Witchgrass Magic ✨

Witchgrass is a very powerful herb medicinally, culinary and and in magic.
Considered by gardeners and agriculturers to be a noxious weed, you will find that this 'grass' will grow just about anywhere. Also known as couch grass, dog grass, twitch grass. 

Witchgrass roots, rhizomes are prized medicinally for its healing qualities.

Medicinally the roots are used, it is used to treat UTI (bladder) infections, bronchial issues, congestion and sore throats. 

High in mucilage it soothes inflammation providing relief for any tummy complaints, demulcent for sore throats. An expectorant for bronchial issues. Also used as a diuretic plus it's antibacterial elements to help with UTI's.

High in vitamins A and B. 

It's flavour is quite mild and slightly sweet in flavour as it contains vanillin. Some liken the flavour to licorice So it's quite an easy herb on the palate. You will find your pets will instinctively dig this root up or nibble on the leaves and eat it if they are feeling under the weather. Hence its other folk name 'dog grass' 

To made a medicinal tea for UTI here's a recipe below:

Marshmallow root

Optional add any of these
Uva Ursi

To taste do not add honey as the bacteria will feed on the sugars, instead add just a small pinch of stevia. Or not if you prefer unsweetened. 

Also to each cup add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, to help alkalise the urine, to ease off the burning sensation. 

Drink this tea 3 times a day.

If you don't want to use this medicinally and consider this a noxious weed, as it does contain the minerals calcium, potassium, phosphorous and flavonoids of fructose, pectin, glucose, inocitol and mannitol you can dig up the whole plant (arial and roots) make a decoction and use it as plant feed. 


Witchgrass can be cooked just like any other root vegetable, it can be added to stews to help thicken it up, roasted as a veg or to make a coffee substitute. Dried, you can grind it down into a powder to make a flour substitute. Added to beer or boiled into a syrup... Use your imagination the possibilities are endless..


Witchgrass is traditionally used for happiness, love and lust. It's fantastic for the removal of hexes and exorcism and can be used in many ways. The arial part of the plant tends to be used here. 

Witchgrass braids can be made and hung up for protection of the home, and can also be used for smudging for banishing and clearing, and for the protection of psychic attacks. And in the case of the removal of hexes and curses use it in their removal of you do not wish to send it back to its originator. 

Planet: Jupiter
Element: Earth 

Sprinkle the dry herb or make a herbal infusion of Witchgrass about the home for unhexing and to send negative energy back to the originator. An infusion of this herb can also be used to be consumed to dispel depression and bring a more positive outlook. Placed under a pillow of the beloved, Witchgrass brings new love and closeness to a relationship. Can be added to talismans, grisgris, amulets and poppets. 

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